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Climate Change Bringing Australia 'Perpetual Drought' July 17, 2009
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Australian farmers are warned that the last decade of drought has become a permanent climate feature for the country due to global warming.
A new Australian government report says that global warming appears to be occurring faster than earlier thought likely, and the country’s protracted drought is probably here to stay.

Climate Change 2009: Faster Change and More Serious Risks draws on findings made since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 Fourth Assessment Report.

Author Will Steffen writes that critical risks for Australia due to climate change also include sea-level rise, the drying trends in major parts of Australia and the likely increase in extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods and bush fires.

“Climate change is with us now, and unless we act now, it will only get worse in the life of our children,” Australian Minister for Climate Change and Water Penny Wong said in response to the report.

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